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Hershel Barg & Associates offers state-of-the-art printed products for all your stationery needs. Established in 1990, Hershel Barg prides themselves on being a friendly company that offers personalized service with an emphasis on providing maximum value for your dollar. From receipts to job envelopes to appraisal forms, Hershel provides a wide array of products tailored for the jewelry industry.

Not quite sure what you are looking for? They are more than happy to help you brainstorm, share ideas, and come up with a cost-effective solution that best meets your needs.

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How is Hershel Barg & Associates integrated with The Edge?

Personalized, preprinted receipts

Hershel Barg & Associates offer customizable receipts designed on perforated paper making it the ideal solution for Edge receipts and repair envelopes. As an Edge partner, they can provide stationary that matches specific Edge specifications.

In addition to receipts, they can provide you with preprinted Job Envelopes and Appraisal Forms. Contact the team at Hershel Barg & Associates to learn more about all Edge compatible stationary options.

Hershel Barg
Hershel Barg

Rewards cards and gift cards

In addition to preprinted receipts, Hershel Barg & Associates can provide your store with custom Gift Cards and Rewards Cards beautifully branded with your store's logo. We provide them with the barcodes, and Hershel Barg & Associates prints the provided barcodes directly onto your customized Tender Cards making allowing you to scan them conveniently at POS.

For stores that may be looking for an alternative option to plastic cards, they can also provide you with customized paper Gift Certificates.

Why is it worth it?

Build your brand and give customers incentive to keep shopping in your store.

Place your brand in the hands of your customers and keep your store at the front of your customer's mind with beautifully branded stationary options. Build customer relationships with the Reward/Referral program, offering incentive for a customer to return, as well as provide invaluable word-of-mouth referrals to their friends and families.

Click here to learn more about Edge's Reward/Referral program

What's the cost?

Contact Hershel Barg & Associates for sample packet and pricing

Let the team at Hershel Barg & Associates know you are an Edge customer, and they can provide you with a sample pack of compatible stationary.

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