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Protecting and honoring jewelry since 1913, Jewelers Mutual came about when 115 members of the Wisconsin Retail Jewelers Association came together to find affordable jewelry insurance.

An industry leader and top-rated insurance company, Jewelers Mutual offers both care plans as well as insurance quotes integrated directly into the Edge POS. Increase your bottom line with this additional revenue stream, increase customer peace-of-mind, and compete with the offerings of the big box retailers.

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How is JM Care Plan integrated with The Edge?

Sell Care plans conveniently from pos

Along with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Corporation (JMIC), The Edge has integrated jewelry care programs for you to offer your customers at POS.  The true beauty of these programs is that there is no up-front cost to you. Selling Care Plans has become more convenient than ever with NEW Edge Features, Joined Items and Custom Job Items, allowing you to now attach Care Plans to a custom item and/or item pickups joined into a single item.

Give your customers peace of mind with convenient, no hassle coverage for their valued items right from POS. With a variety of affordable term options available, your customers are sure to find the protection that best suits their budget and needs.

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Wide Range of coverage for watches and fine jewelry

JM Care Plan offers 3-year and lifetime plans for fine jewelry, and 3-year plans for watches covering a variety of damage and wear-and-tear related repairs. 

Some examples of what is covered:

  • Ring re-sizing and refinishing.

  • Broken clasps, bracelets, or chains.

  • Watch mechanism failure.

  • Strap replacement for rips and tears.

Why is it worth it?

Build customer loyalty with a win-win solution for you and your valued customers.

Give customers peace of mind while earning extra revenue for your store. Each sold Care Plan is money in your pocket, and guarantees repeat business when customers return to your store for repair/maintenance of their items.

What's the cost?

Contact JM for program price details and quick signup.

Phone Number:  800-582-4916

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