Punchmark has been providing branding, website design, graphic design & reliable hosting solutions to large and small business since inception in 2007. We're a team of creative professionals with a unique array of technological and creative skills giving us the ability to take any business from conception to production with a great rate of success.

Success is achieved when design is based on the needs of real people. Punchmark specializes in branding, interactive design and development. Our mission is to help companies find their unique voice within the marketplace, and inspire positive reactions by engaging the emotions of the people that matter most to their business.

Punchmark Website

How is Punchmark integrated with The Edge?

through Integrated add-on programs: edt and tpw

Third-Party Website (TPW) and Edge Data Transfer (EDT) integration allows you to feature inventory from your store on your website.  The data is uploaded so your current web developer can create the necessary pages.  This requires design by your web developer, and he or she must maintain the scheduled uploads from The Edge.  We will provide samples and status definitions so he or she can develop the best design for your inventory.


Website tab for extended web inventory management

For subscribers of our website add-on program EDT (Edge Data Transfer), the Website Tab is an OPTIONAL tab containing additional fields that may be used, if needed, by your web developer.  The fields which are utilized, and how, is a decision that needs to be made after speaking with your web developer.  They can let you know if these fields are needed.

To search website items, the Website Tab can be accessed from the inventory item search window by clicking on website. For further managing inventory item uploads, the Website Tab may also be found on the item record itself. This allows you to choose items individually to always upload, never upload, and more.

Why is it worth it?

Fully integrated websites are a powerful selling tool.

Make your vision a reality with customized web design by Punchmark, and take that design to the next level with their exclusive SiteManager program. A well designed, interactive website synchronized with your Edge inventory means a positive shopping experience for customers leading to increased sales.


What's the cost?

Contact our Sales Team for add-on program pricing

Upon inquiry, our team can provide you with the cost for EDT and TPW add-on programs:
Email:  sales@ajsllc.com
Phone:  866-580-3343

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