The Edge supports a variety of peripheral hardware that can be configured and used directly within your Edge software.   

Supported hardware devices include*:

  • Cameras
  • Tag printers
  • Barcode scanners
  • ID Scanners

Visit the sections below to learn more about each supported hardware option. For your convenience, most devices are available to purchase directly from us for the easiest, plug-and-play solution.

* DISCLAIMER:  Brands/models NOT listed below are NOT guaranteed to work with Edge software. This includes perviously supported models. Please contact Edge Support with your device's specific model number for further questions on compatibility.

Barcode Scanners

The Edge allows users to optimize the store’s efficiency by employing barcodes on nearly all records. Barcodes are used on inventory items, POS receipts, tender cards, gift certificates, and job envelopes (repairs, appraisals, layaways and special orders). The Edge is compatible with two barcode scanner options, corded or wireless, which option you choose will depend on your store's specific scanning needs. Review the device specifications below, and contact our administrative team to purchase.

Both compatible scanners listed below support 2D scanning capability, but in order to use this feature you must properly configure your scanner in Edge. Configuration documentation is linked below each compatible model.

CORDED:  Honeywell 1470G

The Honeywell 1470G barcode scanner is a corded scanner that connects through a USB cable.

Price and Ordering:

  • Honeywell 1470G:  $315.00

To purchase the Honeywell 1470G wired barcode scanner, please click here.

Additional Resources and Documentation:

WIRELESS:  Coming Soon




Cameras & Imaging Systems

CAMERA:  New Edge Supported Camera Model Coming Soon

Estimated Summer 2024. Please return to this page for updates on availability. 



The GemLightbox by Picup Media utilizes the camera in your smartphone to take studio quality images of your jewelry. To compliment this, The Edge version 19.2 adds Cloud Image support allowing you to link The Edge with a cloud storage solution to facilitate the seamless import of images from your smartphone into The Edge.

NOTE:  Edge Support does not setup the GemLightbox cloud image location on the PC itself, but can assist with configuring within Edge.

The GemLightbox unit ships with the included turntable, and you have the option to add-on other features depending on your specific needs. For an additional cost you can add the Aerial turntable, which allows necklaces and other like items to dangle for 360º aerial imaging, and the Eclipse, which allows for black background image capturing.

Price and Ordering:

  • GemLightbox Unit:  $1298.00
  • Optional GemLightbox Add-ons:
    • Aerial Turntable:  $399.00
    • Eclipse$129.00

To purchase the GemLightbox and add-ons, please click here. 

Additional Resources and Documentation:

Support for GemLightbox:


Cash Drawer

MS Cash Drawer (EP-125NK)

For cash drawers, we sell and recommend the EP-125NK cash drawer, manufactured by MS Cash Drawer. This is a computer-controlled drawer, connecting via USB and will open automatically with cash transactions or with a supervisor override.

Price and Ordering Details:

  • MS Cash Drawer$250.00

For questions or to purchase the MS Cash Drawer, please click here.

The Edge Installation team is available to assist with installing and configuring your cash drawer once received. Please contact Edge Support for appointment availability. 

Additional Resources and Documentation:


ID Scanner

ScanShell800R ID Scanner

The ScanShell 800R portable ID scanner is the perfect solution for intaking new customer information quickly. Conveniently capture customer name, address, and photos quickly by scanning customer ID cards, driver licenses, and business cards into the corresponding fields on the New Customer windows found in Edge.

For pricing inquiries and/or to purchase the ScanShell800R ID scanner, please click here.*
     *There is an additional licensing fee associated with this device, please contact our Admin department for details at the link above.

The Edge Installation team is available to assist with installing and configuring your ID scanner once received. Please contact Edge Support for appointment availability. 

Additional Resources and Documentation:


Tag Printer

GoDEX G500

Thermal printing means crisp, clear, and smudge-proof tags making the GoDEX G500 tag printer the ideal choice for printing inventory tags. The compact design of this tag printer allows for easy storage next to your inventory PC for quick access when tagging new inventory. 

NOTE: The GoDEX G500 tag printer requires a direct connection to your PC for printing. Networked printers are NOT recommended, nor supported for tag printing.

Choose from 3 tag style options in a variety of colors to suit your specific needs, conveniently sold and shipped right from our home office in Shelton, CT.

Additional Resources and Documentation:

Price and Ordering:

  • GoDEX G500 Unit:  $515.00*
    *Comes with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Ink - Available in 2 sizes, depending on which style of tag you choose:
    • 2.5"$20.00*
      *For use with Dumbbell style tags
    • 4.5"$35.00
  • Tags - All tags are spun 2,000 tags to a roll and the cost breakdown for each style is as follows: 
    • Dumbbell:  $55.00
    • String:  $85.00
    • Small String w/ Companion:  $95.00

To order the GoDEX G500 unit, tags, and accessories, please click here.



Rareworks and TracTech

Tag and scan your inventory with speed and accuracy using RFID technology. 

Whichever RFID supplier you choose will supply all of your equipment needs once purchased. Once received, they perform installations of ALL their devices, as well as act as first line of defense for troubleshooting RFID tagging issues. 

The Edge integrates with:

enlightenedPlease note that with the addition of RFID service, there is a $500.00 annual fee for continued maintenance on the module, tying directly into your standard EDGE service renewal. That fee will be pro-rated for the first year.
For questions regarding billing and service fees, please contact our Admin department by clicking here.

Additional Resources and Documentation: