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TraxSales isn’t just a people-counting company. Our services provide jewelers with the ability to track and manage their unsold customers. Do you know how many customers entered your store last month and did not purchase? 

Furthermore, our traffic data is compiled into some of the most impactful management tools within the retail space. Ranging from the ability to monitor staffing performance by the hour to analyzing each salesperson’s individual closing ratio. Every decision made for improving marketing, staffing, or even sales will be backed by data.  

Now with a seamless integration with the Edge POS software the data has just gotten even better!  

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How is Trax integrated with The Edge?

edge dashboard

Use the Edge Dashboard feature to create a variety of tiles for tracking the data collected through Trax. Trackable data includes total number of customers that have entered your store and the number of customers broken down by date and time.

For more information on setting up and using the Dashboard feature, please click here.


time and day report

Found under the Activity reports menu, the Time and Day report details retail sales broken down by day of the week and hour of the day. It is helpful in determining store traffic patterns.

The Edge + Trax integration allows you to use the Time and Day report to additionally see the number of customers that entered your store with the Trax counter.

For more information on running the Time and Day report, please click here.

Why is it worth it?

Track traffic patterns to better manage your business and grow performance.

A seamless integration with Edge allows you to use Edge reports to track traffic patterns and see the time-stamped images through TraxSale's dashboard. 

What's the cost?

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